Krishna Prasad Bhatt
The Samhita Academy has had a positive influence on the way I study and prepare for exams. The school has taught us to think in the right direction, which is what is needed in descriptive as well as competitive objective exams.
The life skills instilled in me by the school has helped me maintain cordial relations with everyone. The school has been supportive all throughout, even when my health was in a very poor condition.
I will remain forever grateful for the support and care shown by the school.
Smitha Sony
I am extremely glad to have been given the opportunity to share my experience and gratitude to The Samhita Academy, for helping me to achieve such a great height.
I could have never imagined getting 10 CGPA, that too in 10th , because 2015 was an extremely hard year for me, due to one accident and a surgery right in the middle of my studies. Despite that, my teachers helped me cope up. They took time from their busy schedules, explained each and everything during the lunch breaks and PT periods. They have been really supporting, and this could not have happened, without their encouragement and motivation.
I also thank my friends and classmates for being there with me the whole time. I am the kind of person who needs constant motivation in order to have faith in myself. They provided me solutions to many of my problems and restored my faith.
I am glad that the school provided us with transport services during our exams. Our canter was far away from our houses and it could not have been possible for me to give my exams without it. I would always remember those tense moments we spent together and those last minute tips and revisions.
Thank you Samhita Academy. I would always be grateful for your kindness and support.
My five years at TSA were magical. 10th grade was the best of them all. The joy of completion of school, mixed with the sorrow of separation and the gigantic amount of pressure because of the exams added up to a very memorable year. I feel like I have been shaped to perfection by the teachers who have brought out the best in me.
Ramya Bharathi Mohanamurali
First I would like to thank you so much for helping us in getting our good CGPA. I am so glad that all the teachers along with you have put so much effort and devoted lots of time for us. Without a really good coordination we would have not got such good CGPAS... You have a really big role in our class avg (9.03!!) and I will without any hesitation say it was possible because of your excellent coordination. I am really thankful to you ma'am.
Srushti Jayaramu
My five years at Samhita has been a whirlwind of emotions, and I can proudly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the school. As a student of the first batch of Grade 10, my experience was an unforgettable one.We never knew what to expect and had many unanswered questions, but with the help of each other and our teachers, we managed to overcome any obstacle that came in our way. 10th grade was the most memorable year for me. In conclusion, I would like to say that I had a blast as a Samhitan, and I would like to thank everyone who made that possible.
Srishti Moorthy
I joined this amazing school when I was in 8 th grade. I was really shy at first, but my classmates and teachers went out of the way to make me feel comfortable. I started enjoying my time at school and almost came close to wishing that there was school on weekends as well. I realised that this school is special, not only because everyone was friendly, caring and supportive, but also because all of us got many opportunities and a lot of encouragement, (in our extracurricular activities) that made us better people. Three years later, I feel really sad to be leaving this school. The time has passed by so quickly, but it seems only like a few minutes to me.
I would like to thank my teachers, friends, staff and everyone else who made my time here so memorable, and all I can say is that my time at The Samhita Academy has been short, but sweet!
Anirudh Bhaskar
Where teachers become second parents, where friends become second siblings, where school becomes a second home, That's The Samhita Academy for you! My three years at Samhita have been splendid and, I have cherished each moment completely in this journey.
That hint of awkwardness in me, back when I was 8th grade, I still afresh, for little did I know that, I'm about to sit and begin my journey on a roller-coaster that only goes up.
The rigorous training and the amount of exposure that I've been exposed to is, tremendous, and it has helped in bringing out the best within me. Everyday brought a new challenge, and with each new challenge, comes and opportunity to exercise our strengths.
Within the student government, I was offered various positions, and this helped me in inculcating and imbibing all the essential qualities which would help me in becoming a better citizen.
The combined effort and hardwork of the teachers as well as the students has definitely paid off.
These aren't just words from the mouth, but feelings from the heart, of a student.. a proud graduate of Samhita.
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