Learning takes place both in and outside the classroom. At the Samhita Academy, we pack the year with learning experiences that take the children beyond their comfort zone. Our co-curricular framework includes sports, art, culture, extended learning, careers, clubs, student councils and more.

Sports and Fitness
  • Not just about competition
  • Sport specific skills and techniques
  • Focus on agility, strength, strategy, team work and mental tenacity
  • Body management, movement and balance the right way
  • Cognitive and social skills are exercised
  • Understanding the rules of different sports
  • Afterschool Sports - Cricket, Football, Basketball
  • Sports day
  • Interschool Sports
Arts and Culture
  • Exposure to art forms to test and spark interest
  • Dance, Vocal, Theater, Art, Instrumental
  • Developing self discipline, coordination and time management skills
  • Opportunities to showcase talent
  • Celebration of festivals and special days
  • Giving exposure to traditional performance arts from artists across India
Engaging with the world outside
  • Field trips

  • Interschool fests

  • Author Visits

  • Career talks

  • Social Action Projects

  • Clubs and Intraschool to explore and showcase their interest and talent