At The Samhita Academy, we nurture the aspirations of young teenage minds. In Grade 11 to 12, we equip them with the right tools to perform in the CBSE Board Exams. We hone their skills to tackle the many entrance exams. More importantly, we imbibe in them a rigour and resolve to compete with the best and excel.

Academic Proficiency
  • Life challenges are beyond textbooks. One must be equipped with hands-on skills and provided with opportunities to explore
  • Well equipped laboratories: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Psychology
  • Commerce labs for applying learning to life - Industrial visits
  • Extensive Project Work
  • Inter school and intra school competitions
  • Trained & Experienced faculty members impart quality education
  • Managing emotions
  • Taking responsibility for actions
  • Cultivating organizational skills
  • Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making
  • Taking care of self and being kind to others
  • Developing self-awareness and self-management skills

  • Developing effective communication skills and teamwork

  • Providing non-judgmental environment which is safe and secure for enriched learning experiences

  • Providing exposure for creative expression of thoughts and ideas
360 Degree Way
  • Fostering environment conducive to holistic education

  • Providing and developing perspectives about oneself and others

  • Developing world views

  • Engaging in challenging situations to build resilience

  • Inculcating the sense and importance of discipline

  • Qualified counsellor

  • Lifeskills session
  • Literary Club

  • Commerce Club

  • Health Club

  • Current affairs

  • Coding

  • Robotics


From playgrounds to classrooms, the entire 6 acres of our campus are dedicated to our students physical and emotional safety. We want children to have fun even as they learn, play & make friends.

Alumni Corner

Science Stream

Commerce Stream



Grade 12 2019

Even though I have been in this school for only two years, Samhita just feels like home. The number of academic opportunities Samhita has given me throughout these 2 years has nurtured my interest and has helped build a strong foundation for my career. The Samhita Academy is truly a place where your interests and aspirations are respected and a suitable environment is provided for you to achieve your goals without any distractions.

Ashis Mishra

Parent of Arnab Mishra 11th Grade 2019

Our son Arnab joined Samhita Academy in his 6th grade and now he is in 11th after successfully completing his 10th board exam with 90% marks. We are extremely happy with the school for their academic focus, overall child growth and development emphasis, and concern for child’s physical as well as emotional wellbeing. As parents we are most pleased with the fact that Arnab is happy to go back to the school every day; even after 5 and half years. He has been provided with lots of opportunities by the school in co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities that helped shape his character and personality. Importantly, the school gives a patient hearing and attends to each and every concerns of ours (be it academic or non-academic). We wish the school all the very best for future.