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Listen to Parent Testimonials as they share their experiences
being part of the Samhita Family

Deepthi B

Date: July 2018

Parents of Aadya, UKG

Both my husband and I were very impressed with how Ms. Aashita gave her feedback on our daughter's performance in school.

We would like to appreciate the positive attitude she had towards our kid's issues. Not only did Ms. Aashita make an effort to understand the reason behind Aadya's current limitations, but she also had solutions of what we could do to help.

We would like you to relay our appreciation to her and anyone concerned.

Preeti Srinivasan

Date:Year of 2019-2020

Parents of Saanvi Sharyathi, LKG

Thank you for taking care of the child so well and giving such a strong foundation of confidence, love and care.

Date:Year of 2018-2019

Parents of Nithyashree Muthu Kumaran, LKG

Happy to hear from teachers. Our main intention of getting her into Samhita is being taken care of.

We are sure she is in good hands, and she will grow up to be a well-disciplined kid.

Thanks for your effort.

Appreciate it.

Trisha Tibrewala

Date:Year of 2019-2020

Parents of Advait Tibrewala, LKG

We have seen a lot of improvement in Advait's willingness to listen.

He looks forward to coming to school, which indicates that this is a happy place.

Rohith Talwar

Date:Year of 2019-2020

Parents of Atharva Talwar, UKG

We see a considerable commitment from teachers in our child's development, which means the most to us as parents.

Thank you so much for the support and taking such good care of Atharva.